Welcome to Smart Art Academy

Smart Art Academy is an art workshops provider in Toronto.

We believe as an art educator, that right tools and techniques are essential to the art learning process.

Each learner is different and has different needs. It’s challenging to meet all the needs of students simultaneously.

That’s where Smart Art Academy comes in, we provide art workshops to private schools, daycare centers, senior homes, and to groups of children/teens at their locations.

We believe every workshop should be

  • Personalized for students so that they learn at their own pace
  • Focused on mastery to fill learning gaps in student’s concepts and skills in different media
  • Interactive and hands on environment to encourage applied learning and projects

With Smart Art Academy, you get

1)      A complete customized and structured art learning tool

2)      Easy to follow instructions to enhance skills and creativity

3)      Become proficient in applying tools to express your ideas through art