Art Benefits


The True Benefits of Art

Visual arts, such as drawing, painting, line art and calligraphy, is far more valuable than just the aesthetics and monetary values.  Creating art in any style and at any skill level has many benefits for all of us.   Anyone can do it and do it well. Art is not reserved for a select few.  Art benefits all ages, gender, and skill levels. Here are some of the many benefits creating art has for all of us:

1. Art is a great Mindful Activity

We are all too busy these days.  We need to slow down and include something for ourselves that is relaxing and enriches our lives.   Art is a great way to unwind. Best practice of mindfulness.

2. Art is great for Stress relief

What a great way, calming way to relax and enjoy creative expression.

3. Increases brain power

Art is an amazing brain exercise, which uses diverse cognitive skills and activates the creative part of the brain and imagination.  Art can train the brain to think differently because you use different areas of the brain then just logical thinking.

4. Children develop critical thinking

Studies have shown that art teaches new ways of thinking and problem solving that is creative and thinking outside the box.

5. Art empowers mental and emotional  well-being

Self-awareness, self-esteem and self-confidence are all benefits of creative expression.

6. Art can help manage behavior and develop interpersonal skills. Children with behavioral problems can really benefit from the focus skills required in creating art.

7. Art improves memory, concentration, motor skills and imagination. We all need this at any age.  Art is great for kids, college/university students, business people, parents, and seniors.  It’s so important to keep the brain active.

8. Art benefits people who suffer from mental issues. Studies have shown the art greatly benefits those who suffer from anxiety, depression, mental illness, substance abuse and other addictions.  Art helps these people deal with stress and self-awareness.  Art also provides the ability to find some pleasure in life.

9. Art makes this world a better place to live.