About Us

Smart Art Academy conducts customized art workshops to private schools, daycare centers, senior homes, and groups of children/teens at their locations so that people can use it as a hobby, to improve their skills as well as to utilize its therapeutic value. Through the study of arts students are taken on a journey of discovery, development and a quest to creativity. This training program will improve an individual’s physical, mental and emotional health through easy to follow techniques and the use of a variety of mediums.

The workshops are conducted by professional artists and can be customized for different individuals and groups, satisfying their needs.

Art is a language that can be spoken and understood by all human beings. With research and experience, we have figured out a number of ways in which a program can be customized according to the individual’s needs. Workshops will cover all areas of art, such as drawing, painting, sketching and line art for various students having different skill levels.

All the workshops help develop the skills to see, to shape and to show.

Smart Art Academy provides proper tools and instructions and then let one’s creativity channel itself.

There are three types of workshops:

  • For relaxation purpose: workshop is complete in a sense that participants will learn about the topic completely and experiment their creativity.
  • For therapeutic purpose: therapeutic workshops are customised according to individual needs
  • For skill enhancement: workshops are designed for three levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced


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